It it’s about you it’s Minor!

“Does it hurt?” I was asked that question recently by someone facing a small surgery that I had just experienced. No matter how many times I explained that I didn’t feel a thing and how simple it was, until this person went through the experience for himself, he couldn’t imagine what it was like.

When you talk to someone about a problem you are going through, it makes sense to talk to someone that has already “been there, done that”.

How does divorce feel? At first you are humiliated, sick at being cheated on and not knowing it. Then you get angry that you have been such a fool, after that you start feeling guilty, because if you had been a better wife/husband, it wouldn’t have happened to you. Then there is a recovery period with people treating you like you have had a death in the family, dancing around the subject and, don’t forget this, your married friends quit inviting you to anything, they either don’t want their spouse to think a divorced person is happier, or they are threatened by your, single, presence. People wonder when you will start dating and your children are afraid you will does that pretty well sum it up for you?

Why am I “going there”? Because I can only speak to things I have experienced and if I am able to help anyone, I have to speak from my heart about things I know.

Need to know what the filling of a “generation sandwich” is? Sometimes you feel bad that you have just treated your parent like a child, you have spoken too quickly when they didn’t understand or they have repeated the same thing more than twice. While you are dealing with that, your children and grandchildren have things they need help with and there you are, stretched to the limit and no energy left for yourself. But when all this is happening there is a quiet place in my mind where I can go, it is Psalm 23 God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows; you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure. You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies. You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing. Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.

While I am in this quiet place the Shepherd has prepared for me, I remember Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

The best thing is that I can talk to the Man; the One Who knows exactly what I am going through!

Hebrews 4:14-16 Now that we know what we have—Jesus, this great High Priest with ready access to God—let’s not let it slip through our fingers. We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all—all but the sin. So let’s walk right up to him and get what he is so ready to give. Take the mercy accept the help.

After that, I come and sit at my computer and ask God to show me something that will help someone who reads it and then put my fingers on the keys. I don’t take credit for what is good, but if I miss, then it’s all me. God has always talked to me, shown me things to come in visions and dreams, I am grateful. I am a sinner saved by Grace and I appreciate His mercy.

The angel said “Fear not behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.” He knows!

About harolene

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! If you read my thoughts you will see that I am sometimes serious, at other times sappy or funny, occasionally I am sad and sentimental, but I am always sincere! I am a single mother who raised two children, born ten years apart and different sexes so first it was bows and dolls, pretty dresses and boys! When my son was born it was rough and tumble games, baseball, soccer, wrestling and girls! I am known for my "smile" and for my default answer to any situation, "no problem", which was something I didn't realize I did until it was pointed out to me! I am a moon watcher and a star gazer. I am astounded and feel so small knowing that every creature that has ever walked the face of this earth has gazed upon that same beautiful orb that my eyes can behold on any night when the earth is not wearing her cloak of clouds. My parents have made me the person that I am. Their love, veracity in all areas of life, humor and passion for their work and each other have given me hope that my life can actually be a happy one! Chances are if you are reading this you already know all this but again, I appreciate your stopping by! While you're here hit the "Like" button for me and thanks for checking in!
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2 Responses to It it’s about you it’s Minor!

  1. lcam1951 says:

    Thank you….. at table of the Lord… Lady sat then started bringing me the food the bread of what I needed. In the stillness of the night He gave you a banquet just for me. Thank you obedient Lady and thank You Jesus.

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  2. lcam1951 says:

    Thank you for my bread.

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