After all, tomorrow is….

Life as we know it changes like the ebb and flow of the tide which comes in bringing great waves with foam and then eases back out to reveal all the things that have been left on the beach and in the edge of the water during the day. When we are young it seems that nothing is impossible to us, we can keep late hours and still rise and shine with vim and vigor, work all day ready to play again that night to go to bed late to do it all over again the next day! We fall in love and make life decisions about where we will live and work and then set about the task of getting it all done.

I actually let a thought play in my mind for a few moments today that made me a little upset, it was concerning what would happen to me when I got older, if I got sick, how I would die, you can tell it was a very joyous moment for me but I stopped myself and considered the fact that twenty years ago I didn’t know what would be going on with me right now, which made me wonder how so many years had gone by so swiftly and turned to examine myself in the bathroom mirror to see what devastating new things were showing before I started laughing at myself! It’s like listening to Billy Joel sing “And so it goes” and then wondering why you are feeling depressed!

Think of it this way, you know that yesterday’s gone and tomorrow never comes so all we really have is today. I have always said I don’t need many pair of shoes or a lot of clothes because you only wear one thing at a time and I don’t mind recycling so I don’t need to number my days because I can only live one day at time anyway and I need to make the most of every one of them!

James 4: 13-15 And now I have a word for you who brashly announce, “Today—at the latest, tomorrow—we’re off to such and such a city for the year. We’re going to start a business and make a lot of money.” You don’t know the first thing about tomorrow. You’re nothing but a wisp of fog, catching a brief bit of sun before disappearing. Instead, make it a habit to say, “If the Master wills it and we’re still alive, we’ll do this or that.”

I will just end by using the famous words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I won’t think about that (bad things) right now, after all, tomorrow is another day.”

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