On laying my Isaac down

After hearing Pastor Janet at the monthly women’s meeting this morning I was reminded of this article originally published three years ago, I hope you enjoy it.

On Sunday morning I turn on the television and there I have found a group of singers that sing the kind of Gospel music I love to hear. It’s foot tapping, soul rending, heart breaking, joyful, looking for heaven, wanting to fly away, and praising Jesus music and I enjoy it to the max! My mother will sit and stare at nothing for hour on end but when that familiar music starts she looks at the singers and her mouth moves along with the words. But I digress I wanted to tell you about the song I heard on that televised church program this morning. At first I just listened to the haunting tune and the beautiful harmony and then I noticed the words and it struck me on so many levels. “When I lay my Isaac down, broken heart but my Fathers proud, on this altar here he lays just to find it wasn’t him, God wanted me.”

I started to think about myself, and all the things I had let become “Isaacs” in my own life. To call something an “Isaac” is to say it is more precious to you than an only son born to you in your old age, knowing that without divine intervention you will never have another. I felt that my service to God had been stripped from me and what could I do on my own, by myself?

I thought a little deeper and found something I hadn’t thought of as a service to God. One of the Ten Commandments tells us to “Honor our father and our mother” (this is the first commandment with promise) “that our days may be long upon this earth!” Bingo! I don’t start a service or lead a prayer group but I turn on a television and find music, watch the “Golden Girls” and “Fraser”, the Braves and the Falcons and then I make sure she has food with the right vitamins, gets her coffee and the blessed medication that seems to soothe out the wrinkles in her mind for a few moments at a time.

I have lain my “Isaac” down because as it turns out God wanted me all to Himself for a while, I’m happy to be here!”  (p.s. I am still very happy to be here!)




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